About us

Infinity Village Square

In the Kirchberg, the business district of Luxembourg CityIn this place, shopkeepers know each other, exchange ideas and the regular visitor will not remain anonymous for long. In addition to rented commercial cells, there are men and women who bring this area to life which until then had been a bit mineral.

Pampering, beauty, exercise, food: it's all here!

The whole centre has been designed and furnished to make you feel good, displaced in a family place decorated with a central shaft, sheltered under a green roof and for the cicada lovers, there is a petanque field in summer and ... in another bucolic register, some sheep (which return to the warmth in winter and are replaced by fir trees).

Kirchberg food court & more

Like its neighbouring countries, Luxembourg has its own particularities and nothing beats local players in understanding the expectations of residents and workers. Most of the shops in the Infinity Shopping Center are local :

which reflects the desire of refocus on the essentials and continue to promote the know-how of the Grand Duchy.

In the Infinity village square, the focus is on have a good time among colleagues or among friendsrather than window shopping.

The numerous catering outlets offer a culinary diversity of international standard. Here you will find Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Persian, American and of course Luxembourgish cuisine.

Shopkeepers make real connections with their visitors, and that will do you good. Whether you come for a quick luncha moment of relaxation or a afterwork with your colleagues, you will feel at home on the Kirchberg village square.

In a world where everything goes fast, too fast, Infinity Shopping offers a place in Kirchberg that invites us to enjoy the moment.

The Infinity Bees

At our level we try to have a more environmental approach. Since April hives have been established on the green roof of Infinity Shopping. 

Bees are essential to the functioning of the Earth as they provide 80% of pollination which is essential for the reproduction of flowering plants. Namely, 35% of our food resources depend on insect pollination, including bees, and this even in urban areas.

We explain everything in a blog post.